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Regarding Life Skills Manual

In lesson 10 - I believe the 2nd Rachel preadsheet budget has incorrect amounts.

*Also, since this manual was prepared for youth - Perhaps it would be helpful to include in the Final Commit section both the specifics of the Foundation Skill as well as the Life Skill commitments. Instead of just saying the "skills" from the Foundation lesson.

Also, in Lesson 10 - The Variable Expenses are mixed up with the Fixed Expenses. Tithing and Fast Offerings are listed first - but perhaps it would be good to show all of the fixed amounts first. Since the prior lesson (9 & the Foundation Lesson that goes with it includes the principle of First Things First) - it would be good to show this principle continuing in regards to budgeting.

Also in Lesson 10 - the Foundation "Commit" is not in the same location that it is in all other lessons in the Life Skills book. It seems to be placed a bit premature in the lesson - before the youth have had an opportunity to work with the concepts. Generally, the commit page comes at the end of each section.

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  • Jan 12 2021
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