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Add Leader Guide to Feedback Website

On Apr 9, 2015, at 6:37 PM, Patti Rokus <> wrote:

In the Leader Guide, we name specific videos to be watched on
I love that.  They will too.
A few suggestions:
  1. Include the URL in the table of video titles on page 4.  The URL gets lost otherwise.
  2. The current URL is not working.  Be sure to have the vanity URL enabled.
  3. On our page, make “Videos” a main link in our navigation on the left.   That’s not ideal navigation, but it’s more usable than what we have now, in my opinion.  (since videos are most likely our most valued/used assets, they should be more immediately and easily accessible.)
  4. Since many people will use the search bar on to type in the title of the video recommended in the Leader Guide, we should find a way to explain to users that once they search for a video, they then should click on the “video” filter on the search page.  Otherwise they are going to get frustrated and likely not find the video.
We can make the finding of those videos easier with a just a little bit of added text.
(Note, the current URL given will be helpful, but when I tired it today, the vanity url had not yet been enabled, and I got a page not found error.  Even when it does work, I think many people will not notice the URL because it’s not part of the table on page 4.)
Since people are likely to use the search bar on to find the video, they will not likely find the video in our search results unless they choose “Videos” on the left filter list.
The subtitle of the Leader Guide is a new statement, not used anywhere else.  I suggest removing that.  And sticking to the basics that needs repeating, “Self-Reliance Services."
I love the Leader Guide!  Good work to all.
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  • Apr 28 2015
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