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I was attending a stake self reliance committee meeting yesterday and the Senior Bishop who was there introduced us to the new tool for identifying members of his ward who are self reliant yes or no. After he went through the logic he was using to determine who is self reliant (Yes) or not (No) we both agreed that it would be beneficial if the yes or no answer could be broken into two categories Are they Spiritually Self Reliant (Yes) or (No) are they temporally self reliant (Yes) or (No) and to use the criteria for determining this as the criteria in the Step - 1 Self Reliance Assessment segment of the My Path booklet in particular the How Self Reliant are you and your family today section. This would then allow the ward to determine who and how many members need either just temporal support (i.e. they are active doing all the spiritual things but need help with temporal) or are temporally self reliant but need help with spiritual self reliance (maybe less active members) or need help in both spiritual and temporal areas.

  • Ariel Wetere
  • Nov 1 2015
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  • Ariel Wetere commented
    November 1, 2015 23:08

    This was a suggestion from our NZ Nth SR Manager Moses Armstrong.