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Edit instructions on page 3



The simulation training with the new missionaries went very well yesterday, except for a tiny glitch in the materials.  Let me explain:


To set up the exercise I projected on the screen the facilitator self-assessment that has been in the float these last few days, explaining why each of the survey elements is an important attribute of the successful facilitator.  I included the new item—I follow the materials exactly as written.  We were to role play (Lesson-1 SGMB which includes Principle-1 MFPSH) with one of the missionaries serving as facilitator.  He did a great job and did follow the materials exactly.  That’s where we picked up the glitch.


In the instructions on p.3, SGMB it says: “Read the First Presidency’s introduction letter on page 2 of My Foundation.  Then complete principle 1 in that booklet and return to this workbook.” Our facilitator did exactly that—we read the letter on p. 2 MF, and went to Principle 1, skipping the Getting Started elements on p.3.


It appears that that is exactly what the instruction says to do—read the letter, go to Principle 1, then return to SGMB.  Of course those of us in the system know that we should do the exercises on page 3 of My Foundation or the import of the letter is lost.


So it might be useful to edit in to this instruction on page 3 SGMB that the facilitator should read the letter on page 2 MF; do the Getting Started exercises on page 3, and complete principle 1 starting on page 4.


A couple of other insights from the group might be useful later on.



Tim E.

  • Mike Davis
  • Apr 27 2015
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