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PEF Loan Application contact page causes delay

PEF Loan Application

Last week as my husband and I were helping a PEF Loan applicant  submit her application we all got "stuck" on her contact page.  She had filled it out correctly and saved several times but we were not able to advance to the next page until we realized we had to "start a new application".  In our mind, we were not there to "start a new application" since she had already completed the contact page prior to our meeting.  When a person fills out a contact page, haven't they "started" an application? This terminology is confusing. This caused a significant time delay.  Also, as mentioned, she filled out parts of this page and saved it several times before it was finally saved.  This also is not as easy and as intuitive as we had hoped it would be.  We couldn't figure out why the system didn't save the information once the "save" button was hit.  She entered her secondary contact 3 times.  

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  • Jul 29 2015
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