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More robust resume help

Some feedback for My Job Search in email string below…





Muito obrigado irmao.  I appreciate your response and thoughts, and also any other suggestions from one of your managers…irmao Costa I assume.


I used the teaching of a resume just as an example of where skills and expertise need to be taught to someone or a group far beyond what a group member as facilitator can provide.  I see many other situations where we will be asked by PH leaders to help their members to become more self-reliant in multiple ways, well beyond their getting a job or getting schooling with a loan, and in many of those cases, we will need to provide much more than simple training if we are to be successful.  I am very excited about the Facilitator concept of group learning, where it can reasonably apply.   


Thank you again for your comments.


Um forte abraco,


Elder Vassel 



Subject: Re: Facilitator, others being used in Brazil with SRS


Dear Elder Vassel,


I am so sorry I didn't respond before. I was on vacation and without access to e-mails.


Thank you for your e-mail.


We are going to start using the new curriculum here in Brazil only in January 2015, but I understand your question. 


When we teach the Career Workshop, we usually offer some extra hints on how to write a resume, because we understand there are several kinds of resumes for different abilities and professional experiences.


We also offer, sometimes, workshops on how to write resumes. We like to use a model called 'golden triangle', which works very well specially for professionals.


I am copying this e-mail to one of our managers who is specialized in teaching how to write professional resumes. He will send you some samples.


Thank you for your work and for your patience.






Hello Paulo,


As you know, we are just getting started with SRS throughout the 39-country Europe Area.  My role is to work with our FTE SR Managers, helping them as they help PH Leaders with the implementation of SRS under many very different situations/conditions, as I know you also face throughout Brazil.


Our SRS people are beginning to use the new SRS materials and have Facilitators help the groups.  As they do so they are encountering some challenges and therefore asking me some very good questions regarding the use of Facilitators in a number of training situations.  For example, we all know that a well-written resume is a critical tool for some lower and most middle and upper-level management jobs that large numbers of our members in need are seeking to obtain.  However, when using the new “My Job Search” training manual, page 75 only shows one example of a very simple “resume”.  And there is no other resume-information provided or Facilitator guidance given regarding how to help members in need of jobs who need to write a good resume that shows the candidate really fits the requirements of the specific job he/she is seeking.      


I would very much appreciate hearing your experiences and thoughts on this and similar instances where using a qualified instructor who has been taught the information/skills needed by our members as a supplement to the efforts of a well-meaning Facilitator might be very helpful.  What do you do with such training/facilitating/helping situations with members in SR need in Brazil, please?


Thank you very much for your sharing your experiences and thoughts on this matter.




Elder Bruno Vassel III


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  • Apr 27 2015
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