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Lack of motivation when starting program

I've been mulling over the "intake" issue you described in our last meeting – new people come in who don't seem as motivated as they should about their lack of self-reliance. You said the current Zero Module – My Path to Self Reliance was a bit daunting to some – requiring detailed tracking of expenses and revenue among other things to help people see the gap.

I wonder if a very brief survey with normative feedback could help jump start larger groups – giving them a bit of a "shock" and suggesting a much better life is available – thus enticing them into the more rigorous module zero? It could be as simple as the following:

  1. Brief self-report survey asking about subjective experience of poverty. For example:
  2. In the recent past I have had to make choices between spending money to care for my health or the health of a loved one and buying other necessities like food, fuel, etc.? (7 point agreement scale)
  3. I often feel anxious about how I will pay for basic needs in the near future.
  4. If I have even a brief illness it creates a financial hardship.
  5. Etc. (I suspect with a little thought we could get this down to 6-7 items).
  6. Give them a self-scoring sheet that makes it simple to tally results.
  7. Let them compare themselves on a simple stoplight chart using their score to see if they are in Green, Yellow or Red for Self Reliance.
  8. Show the easy path forward to get from Red to Green…

This would be a very simple survey to validate and gather normative data on. Happy to help if it seems useful.

Joseph Grenny

  • Ryan Jesperson
  • Apr 20 2015
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