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Additional Self-Assessment Question

Mike Murray--

I’m studying My Path and I notice on the Assessment exercise that we don’t have a question such as:

“I have the necessary work skills to bring in enough steady income to provide for my family.”  

Was a question like this discussed when My Path was created?  If so, do you remember why it was left out?

In hindsight it seems (to me) to be a very necessary question.  This is a critical “gap” issue — members lack the necessary work related skills, so they are relegated to substance pay — and the families suffer.  By identifying this on “day one”, the member hopefully gets motivated and says, “I need to improve my skill set”.

I continue to be prompted and/or haunted by Paul Alstom’s comments about how many of our members and converts are C- and D type of people — in terms of the package they currently have of education, skills, habits, knowledge, etc.  

I’m eager for your responses.

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  • Apr 20 2015
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