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Poll Registration Instruction and Implementation

Hello, I am working as an intern in Argentina for the SRS initiative and we have seen that several stakes have problems registering the polls. What seems to be impeding them is the fact that the facilitators don't actually do it and then the specialists end up doing it much later. The paper versions of the polls make it so that if the specialist ends up having to do it, they have to get those from the facilitator and often those are lost. I would recommend providing more instruction about registration to the facilitators so they understand its importance, perhaps suggesting that immediately after the meeting involving the polls they register them. It could be even more beneficial to simply have the participants take the poll online, which then gets submitted automatically. Another good idea would be for the facilitator to immediately send the specialist pictures of the polls so that if in the end they are lost or if they don't do it there is an easy way for them or the specialist to do it. These are just a few ideas on how to make registration easier and simpler. I have talked to the various specialists about this, and they have shown interest in receiving an email when the facilitators register their groups. They have indicated that they would feel better if they received notifications from the systems as well as the facilitators to ensure that the polls were registered correctly.

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  • Jun 30 2016
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