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Need to help everyone start a business; need a 'quick start' guide of some sort

Some group members are not starting a business. We need a way to help them at least do some small income-generating idea.

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  • Apr 17 2015
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    21 Apr, 2015 04:01pm

    I agree with Marton that we need to understand the why. It is a process and part of an individual's process might be gaining additional skills. The path to a successful business venture for many will be through a service offering and not product offerings. This process might take more time, additional education or other steps. Is the member not self-motivating and should progress through finding and holding a job to learn better work habits. The process will not always be the same.

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    17 Apr, 2015 10:22pm
    Have you seen the trade-up activity that the Academy for Creating Enterprise does? The first day of a regional training they divide the group up into teams of 3-5 and then hand them a simple object like a leaf or a rock and tell them to come back in 4 hours with $50 USD. They have to trade the object for something better and keep trading until they can sell their object and start a small income generating activity. By the end of the day some groups are selling popcorn on buses and others are providing services like a car wash. The coolest part is that they learn how to think big, but start small. They also learn that if they can start a small income-generating activity with a rock, they can definitely start a small business with the proper resources.
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    17 Apr, 2015 08:15pm

    Maybe we need to assess why they are not starting a new business during the My Path stage. 

    Is motivation the problem, or should they redirect there efforts toward education or finding a job. 

    I am not keen on a quick start guide as the result could be that these members are just not working the plan. Skipping key elements of the process. Missing out on the Spiritual growth that My Foundation introduces into their life.