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Support Member Progress Tracking

I’m working on the revisions to the Leader Guide based on our recent developments. We need to position this as a supportive tool for Bishops as the seek out and care for the poor and needy - then we need to make sure it lives up to that. For example, it may be helpful for a Bishop to be able to use it as a tracking tool - to see who has been invited to join a group, who has joined, etc. This can come in future iterations but I wanted to share the thought. I can describe more when we meet

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  • Oct 17 2014
  • In development
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  • Deleted User commented
    21 Oct, 2014 04:12pm

    Yes, and when a member makes any progress (mentoring call, receives a certificate, etc.) the bishop is informed.

  • Deleted User commented
    20 Oct, 2014 07:11pm

    I think what this means is that when a member:

    1. Registers for Help on the Website
    2. Registers as part of a Self-Relaince Group

    That the Bishop is notified or can see that this member is doing stuff. Is that the general idea?