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Use a scale of self-reliance instead of a yes/no

Currently I'm opposed to the idea on the grounds that it will get in the way of the Bishop asking the Lord what to do.

Here's the full text of the email feedback from the beta:


1)  Insert a scale of self reliance beyond a yes/no such as:  Self reliant and have savings, self reliant but no savings, requires occasional church assistance, requires regular church assistance.  

Having a scale will help bishops identify the specific area of concern and develop a more specific plan for each category.  By separating and identifying the following, a customized plan can be made. For example:  

Self reliant with savings:  Can be approached to to prepare for and consider additional church service opportunities or missions.
Self reliant but no savings:   This group is of greatest concern.  Out of 172 adults ages 25-55 that are currently marked as self reliant, only 11%, or 19 people have enough money to last beyond 15 days.  By identifying this group early, the bishop can work a plan for the individual to get out of debt and begin aggressively saving.  This will allow for the individuals to serve the Church in future years.  If this is not addressed, there may be a significant service missionary gap when this group reaches retirement age.  

Requires occasional church assistance:  This group is usually not hit by sudden loss of income, but rather have problems living within a budget and have too many debt obligations.  By addressing the budgeting and debt problems, we are able to address the problem, not just the symptom.  

Requires regular assistance:  This group is usually the result of health issues, sudden loss of income, or never having saved previously. Employment planning, career redevelopment, or long-term family support are usually the most effective course of action.
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  • Apr 20 2015
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    21 Apr, 2015 09:36pm

    This s brilliant David! There are many hues to look at and include.