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The video doesn't give any clues of where to look.  I have been a stake and ward employment specialist for a total of 25 years and I use the broadcast letter successfully for those that will do the work.  In it you are not responding to ads.  You send a broadcast letter (not a resume) to a list of CEOs of companies or organizations you would like to work for.  You are not competing on ad from HR.  I have examples and the strategy that we use.


I also use the 25 temp agencies in our area.  They have placement orders from employers and have to find and place someone fast.  I called every one of them up and asked (1) what kind of jobs do you place? and (2) how do we apply.  I pass this information on immediately to people in the ward/stake that need work immediately.  The temp agencies are no longer just office workers like they used to be and they are instant money while our people may be looking for something better and longer term.

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  • Sep 9 2017
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