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Exercising Faith in Jesus Christ

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I really appreciated this video as it strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ. I enjoyed Elder Bedner simple illustration by using the story of the Children of Israel exercising faith. They were promised that they would carry the Ark of the covernant over dry ground, but as we saw and read, the river was flowing with water. 

For most of us, we would naturally think that to exercise faith in Jesus Christ we would assume that water would naturally part before we get our feet wet. Well this is not the case.

Elder Bedner intrigues us with a question, 'when does the water part?' and simply gives his answer, 'when their feet are wet'.  

In this principle i am taught how to exercise my Faith in Jesus Christ. I can improve my life by following this same principle. If i know it to be right, then be ready to get your feet wet often.

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  • Sep 23 2017
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