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Exercise Faith in Jesus Christ

I first watched this video in my "Education for Better Work" self reliance class.  Maybe for the first time I realized that faith is an action. I think for a long time I viewed faith as something you have. If you think it about whatever it is you're praying for, or working on, and you believe enough, and hold it in your heart enough, and just keep thinking, "I know this will happen, I know things,will work out, I know I'll receive, I know I'll be able to..." then it will happen, if it doesn't, then you didn't have enough faith; faith is also a verb.  I've read and been taught about acting in faith many times my whole life.  Somehow this video helped me see it in a new light.  I'm 38 years old with six children and I'm going back to school.  I've put it off because, besides the six kids, I wasn't sure I wanted to study the same thing I did the when I last attended school. I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I can take the first step by re-enrolling in my local university, applying for financial aid, and starting where I left off 14 years ago. Maybe by the time I finish my GE classes I'll know where I want to go next.

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  • Oct 12 2017
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