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Use analytics to understand video usage

Use analyics of videos streamed or downloaded to learn which videos are used most and least, which are watched all the way through and which ones people often stop watching part way through. Make video revision decisions based on the data.

  • Brian Johnson
  • Apr 20 2015
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  • David Weiss commented
    April 20, 2015 22:37

    There are 2 places we'll need to look for Analytics with respect to videos: Brightcove and Gospel Library. Extracting the data from Gospel Library will take a developer familiar with big data and I've already written the spec for this work and submitted it to the Priesthood department. As of yet nothing has been done there. Getting the data from Brightcove will only show live streamed videos, but it will be something. The advantage of Gospel Library play counts are that they capture both downloaded and streamed playback. We'll still be missing playback from laptops where the user downloads the videos ahead of time.