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First Things First

I was pretty surprised as I was watching this video to see the little boy be the only one to bring money into the home. And then I was saddened when the girl said "I'll try to spend less" and the boy said "I'll try to earn more." This is such a damaging idea to display. It perpetuates the idea that a woman's job is to spend money and a man's job is to earn money. My heart breaks for the little girl who was told to act out that role, she learned something false, and is now perpetuating that idea every time someone watches the video. 


We need to teach our girls that they are worth far more than that. They don't have to sit at home and spend money while their husband works. There are so many ways for women to meaningfully contribute to a relationship and a family that don't involve those two things. And men should not expect women to follow the pattern set out in the video. Please consider replacing this video with one that doesn't slander women for "spending too much" and encourages men to expect their wives to not earn income. There should be an equal partnership in the home.

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  • Nov 23 2015
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