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How to Use My Path

Nothing is really said about how the leader should actually participate in the My Path devotional. My wife and I witnessed a My Path devotional this evening where the "leader" (with 3 years "experience" in the old self-reliance program) spent nearly 100% of the time speaking.

What ought to be presented CLEARLY is:

For example, in the first section “What are the blessings of Self-Reliance?” every word in that section that is to be read by the leader can be read in less than 45 seconds!  Since the “I Will Provide for My Saints” video is 3 minutes long, that means that there should be 11 minutes where the “leader” is QUIET WHILE THE PARTICIPANTS ARE SHARING OR PONDERING!  Every section should follow that same pattern of the leader ONLY reading what’s in the manual and leave the discussion TO THE PARTICIPANTS.

Elder & Sister Schlehuber

Adriatic North Mission

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  • Feb 26 2016
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