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How to Lead: Commit

It appears that all the "How to Lead:" videos show the leader expounding on what the participants need to know or should be doing or feeling after asking the questions or stating the instructions in the My Path or My Foundation manuals. During a 10 or 15 minutes section in the workbooks the facilitator should not spend more than a minute or two speaking and leave the rest of the time for the participants. I've notice in a number of workshops that "facilitators" think it's their duty to take almost the whole time speaking to the group because these "How To" videos lead them to think that way. Only the "Go and Do Learning" video appears to give the right message on how to have the group do most of the talking and discovering their paths and purposes. Each "How To" video ought to make the point of not dominating the discussion in each video.

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  • Mar 3 2016
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