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More real or raw footage on videos

Some of the most powerful videos that I have seen aren't polished, but more raw in nature.  Though there certainly is a place for the more polished versions, at some point it might be helpful to produce a series of videos with "live" footage so that the viewer can better relate.  Is that possible?  We could have the content for something like this filmed in a few hours and because of its raw nature it would only take a few hours to put together after that.

  • Ryan Jesperson
  • Apr 17 2015
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  • MartIn Baron commented
    April 17, 2015 23:38

    When you say raw footage......Do you mean iPhone videos?

  • MartIn Baron commented
    April 17, 2015 23:39

    What you say raw footage do you mean iPhone videos?

  • Ryan Jesperson commented
    April 18, 2015 17:32

    I am not necessarily speaking of the recording device, but rather the feel and authenticity of the video.  Use real srs group participants in live action trying to figure it out.  Not scripted or staged, but a real life location and situation.  Have it be "live" like the mentoring example videos we are going to do.  It would be good for videos where we are trying to show them how to do some thing in the field.  For example, some live examples for the video on how to talk a business owner or customer about a business.