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Pure and Simple Faith

I am a member of the Church in rural North Wales, UK. I have recently been called to serve as the YW President in our small branch of the Church. I have felt inspired to use social media to stay close to our 4 young women (3 active, 1 less-active) during the week, so that the few hours we share together in person each week can be even more rich and meaningful. I am sharing this video with my young women on Facebook today, to help them to consider the YW value of faith and become more sensitive to seeing examples of faith at work in their own lives. I love this video, there is a powerful spirit conveyed by it. Although it recounts an experience that is quite dramatic, and therefore one of the less common ways faithful people may find their prayers answered, due to the humility and sincerity of the young woman sharing the experience, it has a sacred feeling to it rather than a sensational one. I cannot think of any way in which this video could be improved, it is a gem. I also like the fact that this video portrays a young woman who lives outside the United States and Western culture. As Welsh Saints, we rarely see our culture or language portrayed except in a historical sense, in hearkening back to the glory days of Captain Dan Jones. It is nice for our young women to see that the gospel net is wide, and each young woman of every land is known to our Heavenly Father, and his blessings are available to all of every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. This video has been a blessing to me, and I am grateful to those who have created and shared it.

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  • May 24 2016
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