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don't kill the chickens

For years I have given dozens of eggs away asking that they save the egg cartons.Most people ignore this request,ask for free eggs,say they will bring cartons next time.Never happens.I already buy food/bedding,provide shelter and clean,health care and buy/hatch the chickens.I finally broke down and bought egg carton,adding to my expense to give away free eggs.I am on disability and have limited income.I have decided that there will be no more free eggs.If I can't get an egg carton returned after they eat their free eggs,then they have to pay for those eggs.I was feeling guilty over this until I saw your videos.I am taking from my "business" to help people who will do nothing in return,will not return an egg carton.I will think of my "business" as I take their money for eggs.I will not be making a profit,probably won't even break even.God helps those who help themselves.

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  • Jun 5 2016
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    June 5, 2016 13:59

    Thank you for the videos"Don't Kill Your Chickens"