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Choosing a School or Training Program

About 7 weeks ago, here in Salt Lake stake I was asked to facilitate the Learning for Life class and given materials,etc.  We started 5 weeks ago.  I see that the course has been updated, re-titled, and greatly improved by consolidating ideas, more applicable videos about WORKING AND DISCUSSING AS A GROUP AND MORE PERTINENT, HELPFUL info and guidance. My group may really benefit with this updated version called Education for Better Work. I have been previewing the upcoming lessons in the old materials and felt that after Chapter 4, the chapters were losing focus on education for job improvement and some are becoming long 'spiritual thoughts'. (Sorry fellas.)  The new materials are 'spot on'!  The Hemingways with Mark McCashland are  supervising this SRS/PEF project in our stake and I just made them aware of this update.  Can new materials be given to them/ me ASAP? One video refers to a PEF list.  Is there a PEF list for the Salt Lake Area that we work from?

As an aside:  In my research for vocational or trade schools in this area, I am not finding any (other than Universal Technical Institute for digital car repairs) and wonder if any are on the PEF lsit for there is a need for that kind of hands on training, apprenticeships also in plumbing, electrical, etc).

I have a class of 5, in very challenging circumstances.  Thank you. 

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  • Aug 13 2016
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