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Video to get leaders excited and engaged



-   What would make me excited as a priesthood leader to implement this program? Not the Leaders Guide, which I found to be pretty uninspiring. If you don't know anything about SRS, the manual by itself will not do much for you, but that is where I would likely go start. At first glance it is just a list of duties and available materials. You can't see the genius and catch the vision of the process--especially the Self-Reliance Groups--by just reading about it. You have to see it in action. I did get excited about the program--but it took several hours going through a lot of other materials. Most people are not going to invest that much time. How would I do it? I would produce an overview/quick start video for leaders and prominently display it at the top of the web page. The video would be introduced by quotes from general authorities, and then jump right to testimonials by participants, facilitators, and leaders, scenes from actual Self-Reliance Groups, and success stories. All of this material is already contained in other videos, but if packaged together could be very powerful.

  • Ryan Jesperson
  • Jun 2 2015
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