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Pure and Simple Faith

I dont like this story.  Its too fantastic.  I wish she had said they walked to church.  I think a lot of times we are not willing to sacrifice but wait and expect the miracles.   Yes, the Lord can give us anything we need but we are still to be determined to be obedient whether we see the miracle or not. 

I feel like a lot of people will watch this and think it is the norm.  I think Self Reliance is about using what you have, like your own two feet, to get you where you need to go and no hope for a wad of cash to miraculously appear in your pocket.

Bishop Causee gave an excellent talk last conference about sacrificing in order to do the things we need to going to church.

Its amazing to me when people walk and make the other necessary sacrifices to accomplish what they Lord expects of them...that is a miracle: the willingness to be uncomfortable.

(Sorry for the talk)

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  • Jun 16 2015
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  • Ryan Jesperson commented
    June 16, 2015 22:03

    Thank you for the input.  We were actually sensitive to the same thing and so we added a new video to the material.  My Foundation Manual:  First principle on faith contains this new video.  Please review and tell us what you think of the video "Exercise Faith in Christ"  see here