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I Don't know

Great Video! Perfect balance in identifying the carpenter's problem and how a friend can be a mentor...all done in a positive manner. I would have liked it to continue another minute with the second friend addressing the carpenter's concern that he's "not an accountant" by looking around the room and finding a pad of paper, writing down at the top of it "Date, Expenses, Income, Total".  Explaining that this is a basic ledger and something to start with today and that he would come back next week to see how it went. The next clip could include a follow up visit with the carpenter showing how he has tracked everything from the week before, complete with a visual of his ledger.  This would show the pride of mastering a simple task that he was overburdened with, gratitude towards his mentor, humility in being teachable, and an encouraging mentor who could teach him the next step in business...possibly computer (quickbooks tutorial would be great!).  So many possibilities!  I hope there are more videos to this business segment. 

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  • Mar 18 2017
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