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Stake Self-Reliance Specialists

I'm trying to sort out who the stake self reliance specialists are.  In this video they sound like what is in other places called a self reliance group facilitator. Who is the woman on the left, who seems to be available to train the SR specialist?  Who is the Self-Reliance Services Manager?  I've seen references to this person.  Is that a paid position in each stake?  Who runs the Self Reliance Resource Center?  It says in various materials that it's run by "missionaries and volunteers".  If there's a Self-Reliance Services Manager, does that person have anything to do w ith the Self Reliance Resource Center?   I was just called to be part of stake SR committee, not to run groups but to oversee them, but can't see what that position is from the materials I've been reading on-line and the videos I've watched.  

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  • Jun 16 2017
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