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Solve Problems and Make Decisions

Why was this eliminated from the US version?

I always found this much more useful than the bigger truck.   The bigger truck is an example of not being very smart, but does not lead very easily to a discussion about self-reliance. 

This actually shows looking for options, not blaming others, realizing it is your problem (being self reliant) and taking initiative to solving your own problem (being self-reliant).

Many who are not self-reliant need to realize that they are the problem not their circumstance or someone else and this video really leads to that discussion. 

For a logical thinker the other bigger truck video is humorous but so simple that you lose focus very quickly and don't focus on the problem solving or self-reliance.  The answer is so obvious that it doesn't provoke thought or introspection in my opinion. 

Since returning home from the Phillippines where we were self-reliance missionaries, we have used Principle 7 and this video as the basis for FHE with our children and grandchildren with some very spiritual and enlightening experiences that I know we would not have gotten with the bigger truck.  



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  • Jul 30 2017
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