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Preferred List formats and content different in English and Spanish for same areas

To explain how we found this, a couple of weeks ago we were asked to compare a paper copy of the preferred list in Buenos Aires with the list online.  Using our accounts in English to view the preferred list online, we only found 6 that were on the paper are on the online list and about 200 were not.  We then expected to have to add these 200 jobs/schools to the list... but just a couple days ago we were able to use a local Argentine member's account to view the preferred list from their perspective, and it had the names we needed that were on the printed list, but not on the online English list!  We of course were glad that they are visible to members here and that we wouldn't have to add them to the database, but why are there different lists for the same region?  Shouldn't it be the same view regardless of who is viewing it and in what language?

On another note, the screenshots attached show that the format for selecting the Preferred List region in English and Spanish are different.  The English list asks for the Country, State or Province, and City whereas the Spanish list asks for only the Country and City.  There are many duplicate provinces and cities in both.  On the English list, to see all of the Buenos Aires entries one should only fill in "Buenos Aires" (not "CABA" - only 5 results) as the State/Province and not fill in City at all to get results.  On the Spanish list, the most results come when we fill in the city as "CABA", and none come up for the name "Buenos Aires".  Just some organizational discrepancies we noticed, which might make things hard to navigate for members.  We have been taught to add/delete names and would be glad to help in organizing these things - just let us know if we can be of service!  

Alyssa Huber, PEF Intern in Buenos Aires 

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  • Jun 16 2015
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  • David Weiss commented
    June 18, 2015 03:21

    Wow. This was a great bug report! Thank you!