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Language confusion in from Portuguese to Spanish to English

Hello again!  

Today on three different computers we discovered the same problem.  The self-reliance manuals tell facilitators to visit to enter in their student's information when the course begins (and at the end).  

When one types that address into the browser (at least when we did), the page cannot be found and changes to Portuguese (screenshot #1).  Then we change the page to Spanish in the top right corner, and all is well.  

When we click the link to add the names, Qualtrics opens up, but it is only in English.  I could be mistaken (perhaps there is a Spanish version we aren't seeing!), but if this comes up for all facilitators despite their first language, it could be a major barrier to getting correct statistics from groups in Latin America.

If this doesn't make sense, or if we are mistaken, please let me know!


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  • Jun 23 2015
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