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What is BMX Mongoose And How to Choose?

When children are first learning to ride bikes, the BMX design is very popular. Although the bikes are often cool, they're not meant to be used outside of the race circuits or skatepark. Cleary Owl is a great bike that can be used to commute to school and around the park. The Owl is a BMX-inspired bicycle that can also be used for family rides around the neighborhood.

How to Choose the Best BMX Bike

There are many BMX mongoose bikes available. It can be difficult to find the right one for you. These steps will help you quickly narrow down your options for BMX bikes.

1. Select BMX Type

Consider which BMX bike best suits your needs and future plans. There are two main types of BMX bikes: racing and freestyle. Freestyle models are preferred by casual BMX riders for use around the skatepark or in public.

2. Choose a Frame Size

Each size of BMX bike has its own frame sizing system and unique names. For a recommendation on the best size frame, please see our size chart.

3. Size of the Wheel

20 inches is the most common diameter for wheels. Some races have wheels of 20 inches. Taller riders may be able to ride on 22- or 24-inch wheels. Children 8 years old and younger can ride 16" or18" rims.

4. Browse Bikes and Other Top Features

This is the fun part. Browse through various options to find components, tech and accessories that match your needs.

5. What is the best way to spend your money?

When buying a bike, price is important. Freestyle bikes tend to be more expensive than race bikes and start at about $600. Mid-tier bikes are about $400-$600; high-end bikes can go over $1,000.

  • Albert Johnnson
  • Nov 17 2022
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