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How to Fix QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server Error?

Are you finding difficulty in sending emails through QuickBooks? QuickBooks facilitates your best service to maintain a business account and email, but this accounting software is very Buggy and full of errors.

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  • Devil Devis
  • Jan 3 2023
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  • Hugo Morris commented
    4 Jan 05:39am

    If you are experiencing the error "QuickBooks could not connect to the email server" when attempting to send emails from QuickBooks, there are a few steps you can try to resolve the issue:

    1. Check your internet connection and ensure that your computer is connected to the internet.

    2. Check your email server settings in QuickBooks. Go to the Edit menu, select Preferences, and then click on the Send Forms tab. Make sure that the correct email server settings are entered, including the server name, port number, and connection type.

    3. Check your firewall and antivirus software. Your firewall or antivirus software may be blocking QuickBooks from connecting to the email server. You may need to add QuickBooks to the list of trusted programs in your firewall or antivirus settings.

    4. Repair your QuickBooks installation. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and select the Install/Repair tab. Click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and follow the on-screen instructions to repair your QuickBooks installation.

    5. Update QuickBooks to the latest version. Outdated versions of QuickBooks may have compatibility issues with newer email servers. You can check for updates by going to the Help menu and selecting Update QuickBooks.

    If you have tried these steps and are still experiencing the error, you may need to contact QuickBooks Support for further assistance. They can help troubleshoot the issue and provide additional guidance on how to fix it.